Window Man

I haven’t shared this story with many people because not many people will believe a 14 year old girl when she says something like this.

Around 2 years ago, I began seeing something I called window man.

Every night, I began seeing a ghostly pale man with wide eyes and small pupils staring at me through my window. The worst part about him was his uncomfortably wide grin that stretched from ear to ear.

I originally thought if I closed my window it would go away but anytime I opened it he would be there just blankly staring.

At first, I thought he was just one of my hallucinations that I got frequently due to my mental health… so I didn’t think much of it. I thought it would go away. It went on for about a month before I told my mom.

One morning I realized there were marks on my window from where a face had been pressed. She told me I was overthinking but I could tell she was unsettled. It continued with her not believing me... until my creepy pedophile neighbor died of a drug overdose and the window man stopped showing up.

My mom finally believed me and said that he must have been watching me while on his drug binges.


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