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Hi… I wanted to tell you this story. It’s not super scary but it’s scary to me.

A few weeks ago, my friend, Lucy, and I were over at a friend’s house. I was making ramen. Lucy was dog sitting. She hadn’t fed the dogs yet, so she asked if I could go with her to do it. It was late and she didn’t want to go alone. I told her of course. I told my friend not to mess up my food.

We both hopped in her car… Drove to the house… Fed the dogs. Let them outside so they could go to the bathroom… Then we drove back to our friend’s house. But as we pulled up, I looked across the road to my friend’s car. I noticed something on his passenger side that was facing away from us… It was a man on his knees with his hands on the door, obviously hiding, looking at my friend’s house…

When he noticed us, he moved out of sight... I was confused but scared… I started screaming at my friend that there was someone hiding behind our friend’s car. She pulled into the driveway..

As I was calling one of the guys that was at the house, she said she was going to see if anyone was there. I told her she was crazy! That she was going to get murdered! But she just got out of the car and walked over to see if anyone was there.

As she started to walk around the passenger side, she saw a man crawling on his hands and knees. She ran back to the car and shut the door! Screaming that she saw someone.

I called our friend and yelled over the phone to come outside. He came running! Eventually 7 out of the 8 guys came out to see what happened! But when we told them, only 2 half believed us.

After looking around for a few minutes we decided to go watch a movie. We settled on The strangers which is a really good movie. It’s about this couple that after a wedding reception came home…

Around 4 am there was a knock on the door and that started all the horror part of the movie… But one specific scene scared the crap out of me… The guy went outside to get his phone and when he was in his car, 1 of 3 murders was in the back seat and touched his neck.

After the movie it was about 1am… Because of how scared we were, I decided to spend the night with Lucy at the dog sitting house.

As we walked up from the basement of our friend’s house, the front door was wide open! Lucy just thought it was one of the guys trying to scare us. But I wasn’t taking any chances! I told her that I wasn’t going outside without one of the guys with me.

She argued, jokingly, that we were independent women and that we didn’t need a man. I said “ Ok you can be independent and I’ll be a baby.”

Our friend did check the cameras before he walked us out though. He didn’t see anything though.

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