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In My Dreams

First off, I love your podcast. And I’m excited that I finally decided to submit my story. This will be multiple experiences in one.

My Aunt:

When I was about 10 years old, my family and I took a trip to Mexico to visit my parents’ hometown. Unfortunately, back in Illinois, my Aunt Sunny died in a tragic car accident. We ended up staying a month longer than planned. We had Aunt Sunny brought down so we could have her funeral in Mexico.

A few months after we got back, I started having dreams of my aunt trying to hug me. As soon as I would get close, she would disappear. When I told my mom, she told me, according to our superstitions, that my aunt wanted me with her… And that if i would have hugged her, I would have passed away in my sleep.

My Friend:

In high school, I had friend who committed suicide. I was very sad about her passing for a while.

One night I had a dream with her….

In my dream, we were just sitting, catching up and just talking. At the end of my dream, she started to tuck me into bed. I looked at her and said “You’re not going to be there when I wake up, are you?” She said no. I started to cry. When I woke up, I had tears running down my face.

I had a few more dreams like this. All of them would end the same way. I’d wake up with tears on my face.

My Friend’s Brother:

In 2017, a friend of mine had her brother pass away. I had met him in high school. We hung out here and there. I became friends with his sister through him.

After his passing, I had a dream of him being at a family party. It was like I wasn't really there… I was just meant to watch. In my dream, he was being cradled by someone … Being spun around like how you do with a child. He was laughing and just seemed so happy.

Immediately, the next day I texted my friend and told her about it. I described the guy who was holding her brother. She sent me 3 different pictures. I was shocked to see him among those pictures. I told her which picture was the guy in my dream. She told me that was her dad’s relative who had passed away years ago.

I had only known her, her brother, and their parents. I had never met anyone else in their family. It hadn’t been long since his passing.

I truly believe that was his way of telling me to tell them he’s ok.

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