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Watching Me

Hey Edi, Nick and RIGBY! I wanted to share my story about a lady in a white dress that I have been having encounters with since I was 13!

The first time I saw this lady was when I was in my basement. I was watching tv. I saw something moving out of the corner of my eye. I saw a whole ash lady walk past me and up the stairs. I didn’t see her face. I truly thought she was an intruder. I freaked out!

I called my mom and my dad many times until they picked up and came to my rescue.

When my parents got home, they checked the whole house. They found no one. All of the doors were locked… So needless to say I was really freaked out.

The second time I saw her, or I guess heard her, was when I was alone in my house. I heard some noises in the attic… Sounded like footsteps and furniture being moved across the floor. The attic is only accessible by a small trap door on the ceiling of a broom closet in my house. (By the way, IT’S ALSO RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY ROOM!) It was completely closed when I walked past it. You would need a ladder to get up to the square door.

When I heard the noises, I stopped dead in my tracks and just listened. I heard it again about four or five times before I bolted into my living room. I grabbed my dogs and got out of that house. I immediately called my dad. He said I was over reacting… It was probably just the house settling. It’s never the house settling in scary movies, is it FATHER?

Anyway I went back inside the house… CLUTCHING onto my dog for dear life. I inspected the closet. Then I closed the door and put a chair in front of it… If there was an intruder, they wouldn’t make it past the broom closet. I later found out that that type of doorknob would not be stopped from opening by a chair like 13 year old me thought it would.

The third time I encountered the lady was when I had a sleep paralysis/ dream. I opened my eyes. The two doors in my room that open up to the backyard were open.The woman in the white dress was standing in the doorway. The wind was blowing at her back, so her hair was flying into her face. She had her arms stretched out to the sides like a T pose. She let her arms fall to her sides. She walked over to my bedside really slowly… Then she touched my arm. Her finger was really cold. I couldn’t move. When she touched my arm, I felt like I had to tell my friend something. Then I woke up!

My doors were closed and locked. It was early morning. The lady wasn’t in my room.

As I realized what happened, I knew what I had to tell my friend. I immediately called her. I told her that she shouldn’t go out today because I felt like something really bad was gonna happen if she did. She was really confused at first, but agreed.

Later that day she called me in a panic. I told her to calm down because I couldn't understand what she was saying. When she finally did calm down, she told me that the place she was going to go today… was robbed! Two people were shot and badly injured. After that experience, I knew that the lady in the white dress wasn’t there to harm me… But to look out for me.

Now whenever I get a bad feeling about something… I trust my gut. I feel that my gut feeling is her letting me know something is about to go down. And I gotta get out of wherever I am.

I love the podcast. I have been listening to it for weeks from the beginning!



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