Where Is She?

Hey I love the podcast and my gen z self doesn’t have Facebook, so here I am! So Edi and Nick, this isn’t too paranormal but it’s interesting.

Ever since I was about 5, I have had this reoccurring dream that no 5 year old should have.

It starts off with me walking through a street. It’s a beautiful night with a star light sky. Out of no where a man grabs my wrist and screams “WHERE IS SHE”. Confused, I say “what?” He then takes me into an alley off the street, down a stair well and locks both of us in a prison like cage. Then he whips out a blow torch and says again “WHERE IS SHE”. And I say “who??” He starts to blow torch my arm. I see it bubble and ooze. I see myself screaming in agony. He continues to ask “where is she”. I’m so confused. Then he moves up to my face. It’s just oozing and bubbling! Then I wake up.

I wanted to hear your guys’ thoughts on this. And nick every night for 1 year. Starting from the beginning. Letting it play. Just for you.

Thanks for looking at my story and I hope it makes it to the podcast ❤️❤️

(Winter Chills! Episode)

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