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The Mist

Hi Nick and Edi! I’ve been a listener for a while now… And I really appreciate all the work you do! I’ve always thought about sharing stories, but never really get around to actually doing it.

Two nights ago, I had a weird dream. I had dreamt that my sister was visiting. We were having a sleepover. We were lying in bed, watching a movie and talking… When the tv went out.

She looked at me and said “what was that?”. I said I didn’t know. Then she looks shockingly at me and says “well... what is.. that?...” I focus my vision more closely in front of me. There’s a sort of mist swirling in front of my face. My whole body got cold. The mist started to expand and cover around my body. I said “I don’t know.....”

The mist turned dark. It started to sort of compress me? Like I had very cold pressure all over my body. I started to be unable to breathe. I started to panic. I woke up… Still cold and still unable to breathe. I could move, but I was unable to catch my breath. It felt like when you get winded and you can’t breathe in any air, if that makes sense? That happened a couple seconds before I was able to take a big gasp of air. I felt a release of the cold and the pressure. I started to wonder if that’s possibly a sleep paralysis situation, even though I could move, or something else?

I talked to my friend at work about it yesterday. She asked if I’m sensitive to spirits, not knowing that she would believe in stuff like that… But idk if that could be something spiritual? Any ideas?

Thanks again so much for all your work! ✌🏽

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