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Dream Or Not

I had a very brief experience with sleep paralysis early this morning..

I woke myself up around 3 am. It felt VERY real. It felt like a hand was trying to grasp the back of my neck and pulled on my hair. I couldn’t move myself away from it to let whatever it was to stop holding on… I was sleeping on my side

In the “dream” I was sleeping the same way. I remember I tried to scream for help. I reached my hand back to feel what it was and loosen it’s grip… But surprisingly it “felt” like a normal finger would feel like.

Eventually, I woke myself up. So bizarre and terrifying though! I think what always freaks me out the most is how detailed everything still is compared to real life. Like what your room looks like… The position you’re sleeping… And how you really can’t tell if it’s a dream or not.

I kept going in and out of sleep the entire night because it’s been so hot out. I’m not sure if the stress of not being able to sleep the whole night had anything to do with it.

Have you ever experienced anything like that when you had sleep paralysis?

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