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Morning Visit

This happened a few years back when I was on vacation in Florida at my grandma’s house.

It was still pretty early in the morning… My mom and I were just hanging out in the bedroom we were staying in. The room had one of those closets where the doors are mirrors.

Looking into the mirrors, I could see the door to the hallway. It was just barely cracked open. My mom and I both watched as the door opened a bit.

I was curious…

I looked over to the mirror and saw my grandma’s little white dog Angel walk in and go to my mom’s side of the bed. As I watched her walk away, the door closed and returned to the original cracked position behind her. We thought nothing other than that Angel had came in to say hi. We called her name, encouraging her to jump up on the bed… But she didn’t.

She didn’t even make a sound.

My mom leaned over to look at the floor beside her… There was no dog. I got up out of bed to search for her. But she just wasn’t in the room. This didn’t make sense since the door closed behind her… And it never reopened… Nor could Angel even open it from inside the room.

After coming to the conclusion that Angel was in fact not in the room, I decided to go look around the rest of the house for her. It turns out she was across the street with my grandma at a neighbor’s house. I double checked and asked my grandma when she went over there. She had said about 20 minutes prior.

I have no idea what happened but I know that room has always given me the creeps.

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