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Weekends at My Dad’s

What's good Uglies! I have another spooky story to end spooky szn. This happened in Washington Courthouse OH when I spent some weekends at my dad's. This was about 8 or so years ago.

Some context on the house - The house was a five-minute walk (if that) to a hella big cemetery (and nearby a park parking lot rumored that a guy died in??). I always h a t e d that damn house. I wasn't comfortable with that part of the family anyway but the house itself just gave off the most creepy vibes. I can't really describe it better than feeling watched constantly and being on guard.

The hallway that led to my, my step-sister's and half-sibling's rooms was probably the place where that feeling was most intense, aside from my own room. It constantly felt like someone was peering right over my shoulder, and I hated walking through it or being in my room alone.

Just given how things were with my dad and step-mom I knew better than to make a big deal about it and sucked it up. I know my half-brother got freaked out over something in his room and refused to sleep in there anymore, often going out on the couch (and my step-mom would throw a fit for some reason). He never really specified to me what happened.

There were multiple times that I would hear someone yelling my name. It would typically sound like my dad or step-mom. Usually though, my step-mom wasn't even home or my dad would be asleep. (and he was not the best actor so I never had any suspicion of it being a prank). I just told myself that I was nervous and so I was just thinking I was hearing this stuff.

One weekend when I was staying over, I was just casually talking to my dad about hauntings and premonitions, the like. He shared some of his experiences so I figured I would tell him about some of my own, including what had been going on. He joked about me "losing it" and didn't really take it seriously so I dropped it.

My step-sister and her two friends caught wind of the conversation and thought it would be fun if we all went down to the cemetery at midnight. I'd always been curious so I said I'd go, as did my younger half-brother and sister.

For whatever reason, my dad was only willing to let us go at 10 pm but we agreed anyway. So the seven of us went to the cemetery that night, my half-brother and sister clung to my dad and I looked around anxiously. My step-sister and her friends were the "cool older kids" and didn't want to walk with us which was fine with me. Eventually, they got pretty far ahead of us.

I remember looking to the side and thinking I saw a shadow slink behind a headstone as if something was trying to duck out of view. I gasped and my dad said I had just been seeing things and I figured my mind was playing tricks on me since I was already scared. Looking back though there were no cars out or flashlights in use that would have made shadows jump around but who knows.

We didn't make it very far before a black cat ran across the walkway in front of us, yeah I poop you not. That's when I noped out and said I wasn't going further and would walk home alone if I had to.

My half-siblings were more than happy to stop there so we all went and waited for the others at the gate. The whole time I still felt watched, even being out of the house. The rest of the night went without incident.

That morning however, I woke up with a ton of ultra fine scratches up and down my arms, thinner than what I could make and smaller than what our dog could. Honestly they looked like cat scratches. We had a cat but since I am allergic, the cat was strictly outdoors. My dad and step-mom insisted that it must have been me in my sleep regardless. Besides that, the day was relatively normal.

My step-sister was off with friends so it was just my half-siblings and me hanging out. We were in my room, which was right across from my step-sister's room (with the door open).

In my room, I had the a big tv which couldn't get cable, rendering it useless so we decided to go to their room instead which would like occasionally get a decent channel reception or two. We filed out of my room, me being last. I happened to look up to see what I thought was my half-brother standing in my step-sister's room with his back to the door.

In hindsight, he seemed a bit muted, like almost a grey, hazy overcast or something, but just slightly. Even though she was gone, I know my step-sister usually got anal about being in her room without her permission. I didn't want him to get yelled at later if something were moved or whatever, so I called out to him saying, "Hey! You shouldn't be in her room, you know she's super uptight about it."

He started to turn his head to look at me, when my half-brother called out from his room asking what I was talking about. I looked into his room and saw him sat on the top bunk, and when I looked to my step-sister's room the boy was gone. Nobody believed me when I freaked out, insisting I was playing a poorly executed joke.

That was the last big thing that really happened to me there, but the watching feeling persisted for the rest of the few visits I made. Thanks for reading, I know that was pretty long!

I also wanted to note that I was inspired by your guys' episodes regarding the Black-Eyed Children and wrote a play about them for a class I'm in, and its actually being made into a small production on my campus! So thanks for the inspo and keep up the creeps y’all!


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