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Hey there… Me again.

I’ll try to include the rest of my experiences because I want it all to flow.

Hopefully it does.

So picking up after my childhood experiences:

When I was in middle school, one of my mom’s closest friends passed away from tuberculosis.

This was very sad and took us all by surprise.

Soon after her passing, I had a dream that I was walking home from the bus stop and saw her standing in my neighbor’s yard.

She was glistening gold with a long gown and just beautiful.

The aura around her was also glistening in the sun.

I hugged her.

She told me “I feel so much better now, do not cry and be sad because I’m happy.”

Waking up from that dream, I felt relief and shock.

That was my first visitation dream I ever had.

The dreams I have with visits from spirit are different than regular dreams.

These ones are real conversations that make sense or have a message.

The next one I had was after a family friend's mother died.

We will call her J.

She just had a baby at this time as well.

I never met the mother or ever seen her in real life.

I had a dream one week before this particular family friend was coming to our house for a party.

In the dream, J was talking to me with the newborn baby in hand.

J’s mother was there standing next her her.

I soon realized that I was the only one who could see and talk to her.

Then she was holding the baby but J didn’t know.

When the week passed, J came to our house with her baby.

I pulled her aside & told her the dream.

She immediately began crying and thanking me.

I wasn’t sure how she would take it so I was relieved she wasn’t creeped out but appreciative of me delivering the message that I interpreted as her mother is aware of the baby and with her and baby.

In my first year of college, one of my friends died from anaphylaxis.

This was very hard on me.

He had a girlfriend who I was friends with also.

We began hanging out more especially so I could be there for her during that awful time.

Lo and behold, I had a dream.. with my friend in it.

We'll call him T.

In the dream, his girlfriend and I were swimming in the ocean and there he was.

Again, like my last dream, I was the only one that could see him and communicate with him.

He told me to tell his girlfriend that he’s ok.

He was smiling and he was himself.

He was right behind her in the dream.

Again, very relieved when I woke up.

Of course I told his girlfriend about the dream.

She said she was thankful as well.

Now this is a normal thing for me.

The visitation dreams occur every now and then.

They mostly include either both of my late grandmothers or one or the other.

In some of the dreams, I’m in my great grandmother’s house.

I can sometimes hear her but not see her or see her but not hear her.

That goes for both grandmothers.

I am always disappointed when I wake up because in the dream I can be with them.

It takes me a second to come back into reality.

Now, again I know this is long but I want to also tell you guys about the haunted places I’ve lived in.

Let me know if you want to hear my last couple of stories and I will add them.

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