They Saw An Evil Spirit

Hi! I saw a post in the Facebook group a few days ago asking if anyone knew someone who has had an exorcism. Below was a comment saying, “who would comment if they did” And they are right.

Well I have had an exorcism, if you want to call it that. I figure that I would share my story.


I was raised in a church from the time that I was about 5. This church has actually has grown over the years to have churches in about 10 states and a few other countries. I no longer attend this church but did at the time of this story.

I was about 25 at the time.

I lived in Albuquerque NM, where one of the assemblies was located at the time. While in a counseling session with one of the pastors, they looked at me and said, “I think that you have an evil spirit.” I was shocked! I was taught that such things existed and are in the Bible… But now I had one?

They asked me to come back a week or so later, a few hours before a service, to meet with some other ministers from one of the larger assemblies from another state. I knew these men. I knew that they had a reputation for dealing with evil spirits and getting them out of someone’s home.

The ministers talked with me for a few minutes. They said that they could see my expression change as they where talking to me. They could see that I had an evil spirt inside of me. They told me they would pray with me… That the things they would say were not directed to me… but to the spirit.

They began to speak sternly and to rebuke the spirt… Telling it to leave my body. I began to feel sick while I was feeling fine before. After a minute, I began to vomit. They said that is normal and to let it all out. After I felt a little lighter.

I have not talked to any one about this since it has happened.

Keep up the good work love listening to the podcast.

(Strange Strange World Episode)

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