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Calling My Name

My parents always wanted a couple of kids. But after I was born, my mother couldn't get pregnant no matter what.

Then when I was 10, she got pregnant.

All our family were really happy. But my mother's workplace not so much. They suggested to her to get an abortion, even though it is illegal in my country. She wouldn't. Then what was a long waited dream became a nightmare.

My mother got terribly sick. She couldn't eat or drink anything without vomiting. She was pale and weak. She couldn't even leave the bed. The doctor didn't know why. She was at risk of losing her life or baby. We didn't know what to do.

When she was 5 months pregnant, my parents talked to our neighbor, a very church like woman named Josi, about what my mom was dealing with. Josi came over one Saturday morning with her niece who was my age. She went to my parents’ bedroom with the kid. I staying in the living room watching cartoons. I could hear Josi praying with my mother. Suddenly everything got eerie quiet.

The kid leaves the bedroom, walking in a very stiff way. She sits beside me on the couch, then looks at me without blinking. She asks me many questions. My name, my age, things I liked, my favorite stuff. She never said her name. While answering it, I had a strange feeling in my chest. I was scared and I didn't know why. I tried to focus on the tv, but the girl kept talking to me in a strange even voice.

Suddenly, she gets up in a robotic way, without blinking and went back to my parents’ bedroom. I couldn't follow her. It was like I was glued to the couch. Now, my memory is a little fuzzy, but the next thing I remember was Josi carrying her niece’s limp body out of my house.

Years later my mother explained that the girl started trembling, convulsing and mumbling in the middle of the prayer session. Her aunt prayed even harder until the girl calmed and passed out. The very next day, my mother was a lot healthier. She was out of bed and eating stuff normally. The rest of her pregnancy sailed smoothly. She gave birth to my little brother. Now he's 16 and we are all okay.

But since then I hear voices calling my name. My mother hear those voices calling me too. Maybe that thing has a thing for me?

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