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Two Visits

Hi Edi, Nick and fellow uglies.

This isn't a scary story. It's just a ghost story. I want to share two stories. Both about visits from my late grandpa. He was my maternal grandpa.

I'm very close with all my family. But I always had a special connection with my mom’s parents. Grandpa, like most of us in our old age, had a lot of health problems. Being a heavy smoker, it wasn't much of a surprise. He passed about 10 years ago. He had already survived one stroke 5 years prior, so we all knew it wouldn't be long. Well he had stroke #2 and was put in ICU.

I should mention my immediate family moved to the other side of Canada many years before. We would keep in touch on the phone over the years. That's why when he went into the hospital, we couldn't be there. My mom was told about the 2nd stroke and him being in the hospital, but we hadn't heard much else. The days went on and we didn't get any updates.

Then one night I had a dream. I was in my grandparent's kitchen. Sitting on the table facing the kitchen sink where my grandmother stood doing, what I assumed, was the dishes. Could've been anything tho. The table I was sat on was handmade by my grandfather when he built the house. He carved intricate and beautiful etchings in the side of the table. I was tracing the etchings with my fingers, as I had always done as a kid. My grandma turns around, facing me now, tears pouring down her face. She exclaimed "Where did all this blood come from?" And "Can someone please clean up all this blood?"

I felt that sadness, even though it was just a dream. But I could also feel a warm, thick wetness on my hands all of a sudden. I looked at my hands to find they were covered in blood. This is when I woke up crying.

I even looked at my hands when I woke up, as I could still feel the blood on them. The instant I woke up, I knew something had happened. I called my mom to tell her about the dream right away. She’s a believer so when I asked her to call grandma, she didn't hesitate. But she couldn't get a hold of anyone. We just knew it had happened.

He left us that night.

Nobody called us to tell us though. My mom found out from a Facebook post her sister made. Her sister couldn't even bother to call her and tell her personally. We believe because of our connection and my sensitivities to spirits, my grandpa visited me that night. His biggest concern was leaving his wife all alone. That led me to believe that's why I saw my grandma in the dream, and not him. Also found out he didn't die from the stroke. The stroke did lead to other complications. He actually died from internal bleeding. I believe that's why all the blood in my dream.

We were glad he came to me in my dream. Otherwise we would've gotten the news first from a stupid facebook post. I think he knew my aunt wouldn't bother to call us.

The second story wasn't a dream. And it was myself that ended up in the hospital. I should also warn you it was a somewhat emotional visit.

To save you any gross details... I had to have surgery, at a cost. See, I had complications with my pregnancy. Basically if I didn't have surgery, I could've died from internal bleeding. Either way, I lost the pregnancy. Surgery went great. I'm still here. Except, I'm not so good with anesthesia. I wake up. Then just go back under and I stop breathing.

I remember waking up. I looked around the room. I saw two female nurses to my left, each at their own station. And a male figure right beside me. I couldn't make out any details. It looked like a tall male figure looking over me, like a doctor would. I thought it was a doctor. Then the nurse closest to me is waking me persistently, as I'm not breathing. To me it felt like half an hour, in reality it was mere seconds. It was an odd feeling.

I asked the nurse where the doctor went. She replied there was no doctor, just us three. Haha. She gave me the funniest look, but anesthesia right. I'm in my hospital room, coming and going in and out of sleep. I was trying to fight the sleep. I didn't want to die in my sleep after all that.

I heard footsteps coming towards my door. I thought the doctor is coming to check on me. I want to be conscious, keep my self awake and wait. But I didn't see the shadows of the feet approach the door. Nobody was there. Then I pass out again.

I wake again to see the figure of my grandpa, looking over me, holding a little blue bundle, smiling. I felt happy, safe, and just overall better. Then he just disappeared with that smile on his face looking down at the bundle.

Funny thing too, cause my mom was asleep on the bed beside me. I wanted to wake her up. But you never know with that stuff. Blink and it's gone right.

I will never forget either one of these experiences. I will always be grateful for it. I hope you all enjoy my not-so-scary spiritual experience, visit, story. I feel like this was really long.

Thank you so much for reading all of this. I love the podcast, your chemistry together, and I love your humor! Also, I don’t know how many people would agree with me, but I would actually like to hear Edi read a story sometimes.

Thank you!!

-- Alyx


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