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I’m so stoked you guys had my story on “creatures of the dark”

I wanted to add to the story. I told my mom that you guys read it, she reminded me of the story of our house.

In the 90’s my family bought this big house with a pool in the backyard. The only reason we were able to afford it was because there was a significant price drop. The family before us really wanted to sell the house, because their 3 year old drowned in the pool.

The rumor around the neighborhood was that the son was into the occult. The walls of the son’s room were painted black. He messed with ouija boards.Even burnt a pentagram on the floorboard of his room.

No one wanted to buy the house.

People believed he cast a shadow on the parents. The day the 3 year old drowned, the dad was asleep, the mom was vacuuming, and the son tucked away in his room. No one heard the 3 year old slide the screen door open, and crawl out to his death.

My mom told me she wasn’t surprised I saw the blue man because I was given the 3 year olds room. I asked my mom if the rumors were true.

She just said “the whole family was troubled.

Even if it was true the son was in the occult- you are never the same after you bury a child.

Maybe the 3 year olds energy got trapped with the sadness of it’s loss. Combined with your trauma - Something was sparked.”

She never denied that the son was a contributor - after 20+ years.

It turns out everyone in the family has been effected by the house.

Hopefully I can pull out a story or two from them and share their stories.


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