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The Smoker

Hey hey, so I am submitting a story my godfather used to tell me when I was little. I memorized it because I would ask him to retell the tale numerous times; I love the feeling of controlled fear! I will tell it as if I was my uncle because it's his story:

In Mexico there is a legend of a woman in a white dress. This woman is often seen in rural areas and associated with tragedy. I was unsure if what I was encountering was La Llorona, or in English the Weeping Woman, or if this was a completely different entity with a story of her own.

It was late one night, way past midnight and my wife were sleeping when we were suddenly awaken by 3 loud bangs on our door. I wake up in a haste and yell, "who is it??" through the closed door.


I stood there for a couple of seconds before slowly turning away and walking back to my room. Just as I am walking away there are three loud bangs on the door, as if whoever was banging on the door was doing it with desperation. Maybe even rage...Frustrated I yell through the door once more, "WHO IS IT?!" A voice on the other side answers slowly but her voice seemed to mask a devilish grin.

I could hear her smile through her voice. "Sir, could you spare a cigarette?"

"I don't smoke, please leave", I said.

There was silence once more. I head back to my room and go back to sleep.

About an hour or so after the occurrence the same loud banging wakes me up. I run back to the door and ask, "Who is it?" It's about 3 am by now. The same voice answers, "Good evening sir, could you spare a cigarette?" By now I knew it was not a woman on the other side but something else....something not of this world.


Once again now my wife comes behind me, a look of concern washes over her face.

"What's wrong honey?"

"I don't know, there's someone outside knocking. They keep coming back."


Again the horrid banging continues, this time before I could say anything the woman on the other side continues, "Sir, may I have a cigarette?" My wife began to pray and I yelled through the door, "LEAVE US ALONE YOU FUCKING BITCH! WHOEVER YOU ARE YOU'RE NOT WELCOMED IN THIS HOME, LEAVE!" I could hear footsteps leaving the front steps. Whoever it was was wearing heels and i could hear the heels walking away.

I run up to our terrace to see if I could get a glimpse of her. To see if there was anything even there. I could see her, she was already more than 50 yards out and in heels. I saw the woman in white.

But I could hear the echo of her heels as if they were right next to me.


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