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The House Was Dark

Hi edi, nick, and uglies!

I’ve been listening to the podcast since the very beginning and I LOVE the show. I’ve been trying to decide for a while which story to submit because I’ve had many paranormal and just odd experiences. But living in this house really takes the cake.

I’ve been very spiritual since I was little. I’ve always been sensitive to energies and spirits.

When I was a sophomore in high school, my mom, her boyfriend at the time (not a good guy, lots of bad energy) and I moved in to a beautiful Victorian home. We also had 2 cats, a dog, and a baby miniature pig. The home was built in 1820 and it was in the middle of nowhere rural Pennsylvania. Creepy. My mom and I had always dreamed of living in an old Victorian home. We admire the beauty and we wanted to restore it. Let me just say, right off the bat… this house had life to it.

It was so old. It creaked and groaned. The second I stepped through the front door, the hair raised all over my body.

Creepy event numero uno: I decided to explore the house since it was so massive. I started in the Turret, the round tower looking part that staples most victorian homes.

The basement was massive and the foundation of the turret was just a round cement room in the basement. It had a heavy door with a window looking out to the rest of the basement. This concrete room only locked from the outside. I thought it was odd that there was a door at all. But I went in and I immediately got goosebumps.

I don’t know why but I closed myself in without latching it. The light shining through the window revealed that handprints were on the glass! This creeped me out because I was able to reach out and touch the handprints and wipe them away. They were about the size of my hands. I thought this was really weird. My initial instinct was that there was someone in the room. Maybe not with me but maybe at one point.

I was a young girl at the time with small hands so I thought “was there a girl locked in this room? Did someone just happen to touch the window while moving? So many questions popped through my head. It really didn’t sit right with me.

I decided to explore upstairs. Get out of the creepy basement.

The upstairs was a winding hallway with many rooms. 4 bedrooms, many closets, a master bathroom, the attic door, and.... a room at the end of the hall that looked like it shouldn’t have been there. This room also gave me the creeps. Every room was decked out with beautiful trim, paneling, original light fixtures from the era the house was built. But this room was entirely made out of bricks on the inside with a concrete floor and a dingy Florescent light. I asked my mom what she thought it was. She brushed it off saying it could’ve been a bad attempt of an addition.

Fast forward to event numero dos: It’s a couple weeks after moving in. I didn’t really feel settled. I wasn’t able to sleep at night. I was just scared.

If I wanted to get a glass of water from the kitchen, I’d have to turn on every light to get to it. To get to the kitchen from my room, you had to pass by so much of the house. Walk down the grand staircase, pass the foyer, the formal living room (so dark, creepy, and cold), the dining room, second living room, and THEN the kitchen. I got my water and started to head back towards the stairs. On my way back, I heard whispering.

I froze.

I peer into the dark formal living room. I see my mom’s boyfriend crouched in front of the pellet stove. It’s not lit. And it appeared that he was just sitting there… mumbling to himself. I call out to him and get no answer. My hands got sweaty. I decide to turn on the light because he was sitting in complete darkness in that room. He looks at me startled. Then tells me in an angry voice to go to bed. I’m shocked so I do.

The next night, my mom was working late. It was just my mom’s boyfriend and I.

We were watching TV in the living room. The living room, formal living room, and dining room were all connected through pocket doors. So even though the rooms are closed off from each other, you can see into the different rooms if the pocket doors are open. Sitting at our point on the couch, you can see into the dark formal living room where he sat the night before. He turned to me and asked “Have you seen anybody walk into the house?” I thought this was a weird question. I answered no. He says “I see them all the time. They walk right through the front door”. I was starting to get a little freaked out. Then he grabbed my neck and turned my head to face that room. He says “really look”. I stared for a minute and my eyes adjusted to the darkness.

Just then I saw two tall shadows walk past the window in that room. The window gave just enough light to allow me to see them. I gasped. He says “They’re here because of you. They sense the darkness.” But his voice didn’t even sound like him.

I just froze in fear.

He was still looking at me.

I asked “Do you think someone died here?” He said he’s not sure but he knows that very horrid things happened in this house. I got a shiver down my spine. I thought of the brick room upstairs and the concrete foundation in the basement.

Fast forward to weird event number 3: I was sitting on my mom’s bed while she was getting ready. She was talking about something but stopped mid sentence and started to cry. I went to comfort her and asked her what was wrong. She said she had no idea why she was so upset. A horrible feeling had overcome her. She said she had a feeling something bad happened here. I asked “Like what”? She looked at me and said she didn’t know. But I could tell by her face that she knew something.

Fast forward a month or so, I was home by myself. It was dark. I hated that I was home by myself. That’s always when I felt the most scared.

I made my way up the grand staircase up to my bedroom. I turned on the light at the top of the stairs. A second later, the bulb right above my head EXPLODED!! I screamed and ran towards my room. Just then the light all the way at the end of the hall exploded too! I screamed again and started fumbling for my phone. I was so scared. I started calling my mom. Then I saw the door at the end of the hallway to the brick room slowly close and latch shut. I flew down the stairs, out the front door and continued calling my mom. She said it was just an electrical issue and that I had to go into the basement and check the breaker box. “HELL NO!” I screamed.

Just then her boyfriend came home. I told him what happened and he took care of it. I was so shaken that night. I didn’t even want to sleep at my house. That night I called my boyfriend to come pick me up.

Around that time of my life, I was sneaking out a lot with my boyfriend. Mostly to get away from the house because I never felt at peace there. I remember we drove around most of the night. He didn’t bring me home until around 3am. While we were parked outside of my house, I began having a really weird feeling about going back inside. Something told me I shouldn’t… But I also thought I was just being a wimp. Reluctantly, I headed back inside and was just going to go to bed.

While walking up the stairs, I caught a glimpse of a couple dark figures walking around in the formal living room. I ran up the stairs so fast I didn’t care how much noise I made. I slammed my door shut and hopped into bed.

I wasn’t asleep long. I woke up to my room feeling hazy. I thought I heard a faint *beep* in the distance. I didn’t think anything of it and tried to drift back to sleep.

A few moments later, I heard banging on my bedroom door. It was so loud and startling that I jolted out of bed. My bedroom was hazier than before. I heard my mom’s boyfriend screaming “FIRE! FIRE! Get out get out!!!” I open my bedroom door and was met with a thick black wall of smoke. I remember choking and crawling on the ground to try to see. I couldn’t see anything. I kept breathing in the thick black smoke. I found my way to the stairs and was frantically trying to get down as quickly as possible without falling. I felt the heat as I got down the stairs. This wasn’t anything like the movies. In movies, you see flames everywhere and you can see and breathe. I couldn’t see anything. I couldn’t breathe. I didn’t know where the fire was.

I heard my mom and her boyfriend tripping down the stairs behind me. My mom was so confused and frantic. I ended up falling down the last few steps. Breathing in massive breaths of smoke. I remember thinking to myself “I’m going to die right now. My mom is going to die right now.

I’m breathing so much smoke I know I’m going to pass out and die. I’m okay with that”

I remember making peace with myself, when my hand miraculously found the doorknob. And it was UNLOCKED!!! I made my way out staggering into the street. It took a few moments for my mom to get out with her boyfriend. The door was still wide open. Thick smoke was billowing out. But a couple feet past the front door I saw those dark shadow figures moving about our foyer and living room like they always did. I look up at the house in awe as I see the whole roof being swallowed by flames. The windows where exploding and flames consumed everything. We only lived there 2.5 months and lost EVERYTHING. Including our animals. The fire department said it must have been electrical but that explanation never sat right with me.

Fast forward a couple weeks, we are all safe and living in a different house. My mom sits me down and says “I think I should tell you about that house.” My interest was definitely piqued. I always had a feeling that she knew something that I didn’t.

She said that she recently discovered two previous owners ago: “A woman moved into the house with her young daughter. Soon, the mom had a boyfriend that moved in. Apparently he built that brick room at the end of the hallway and the woman always thought it was his “office”. Her daughter had what was MY mother’s bedroom. And the woman had my bedroom.

One day the woman went into the “office” and found monitors that were spying on her young daughter! There were multiple cameras in the daughter's bedroom, bathroom, and throughout the house.

Shortly after this happened, the mother came home to hear her daughter screaming from the basement. She ran down there to find her daughter locked inside the concrete structure of the turret. The mother let her out and went to find her boyfriend, who had died of a heart attack in the daughter’s bedroom (aka my mom’s room). The daughter later confided to the mother that he would sexually assaulted her in her room whenever the mother wasn’t home!

As for the dark figures that we always saw downstairs, we don’t know the history of the home beyond what this woman told my mom. However, there were funeral homes right next door, across the street, and behind the house. I think that heightened all of the activity we experienced. I now feel extra sensitive to energies since I lived there. I think coming so close to death could have heightened my senses.

I’m grateful my mom and I are alive and that she’s no longer with her boyfriend. I hope this story wasn’t too long. I hope you found it as creepy as I did living through it.



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