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Hey Edi, Nick and fellow ugglyz,

Every once in a while I drive across the country and have the opportunity to listen to your podcast! I love how bubbly Edi is and Nick's laugh is pretty funny and he's a great Narrator! (Can you roll your Rs Nick? If you can, could I get one "NaRRRRRRATORRRRR" from you?

I'd be so happy! Best scary story podcasty dealy ever. I figured that since I've enjoyed several stories from you guys I might share a few of mine! I'll start with something short and mild...

I was living in Holbrook, AZ at the time (in 2016 I think?) I worked on a pig farm 15 miles away from home. One day my car suffered a catastrophic failure of ultimate proportions on the way home from work! It sucked, but I got taken home and as fortune would have it, the next day started my 2 day weekend which I spent trying to scrounge up a ride... no dice.

Come Sunday I didn't have a ride and I had decided, " know what? Fuck these guys, I'll walk my happy ass to work!" So I went back to bed and woke up at 10 PM, I prepared dinner and stuff for sandwiches, because I had every intention of staying the nights at work like the "sly-ah neenja warrior-uh" I am then at 1 am(I REALLY didn't wanna be late I started walking.

Everything was nice and well lit for a mile-mile and a half on the county road. Then it started getting darker and darker... And with darkness came despair. There was no side walk so I was walking on the asphalt to avoid the snake and prairie dog holes. Last thing I needed was to fall and break a leg in the middle of goddamn nowhere at this ungodly hour. Hell, there's a small chance a trucker or someone has a story about a large ephemeral figure walking near what used to be route 66 clouded in shadow.

As I walked forward and more forward until the yellow lights on the horizon behind me offered their warmth no longer. It was an abyssal black, each and every noise penetrated me to the core.

Thoughts of bobcats, packs of feral dogs or even a large number of coyotes were ever present, even recollections of skin Walker stories told from my family made their presence known. I was beginning to wish I had another source of light beyond my phone's crappy led, which I didn't use because I wanted to listen to my music at work. I couldn't see my hand in front of my own face at one point. It was at this point I noticed how quiet it was...

Had it been this quiet the whole time?

I started talking aloud to calm my nerves and hopefully scare off anything following me. I was just calling to mind funny situations, not unlike this, I had put myself into in the past, laughing heartily and boisterously.

I had walked 7mi so far. It was between three and four am when I saw a bright light on the horizon, it looked like headlights too far to provide any real light. I moved to the other side of the road to let it pass but it didn't look like it was getting closer. Finally it moved... but not towards me, no it moved up, then it moved along the horizon to the right... slow...

In my perspective it went from the middle of my view to the right in the span of five seconds. I stopped and gazed on this thing in frightened excitement. Then it did something unexpected it started getting bigger and bigger. I realized it was coming at me but I couldn't move. Soon I was looking up at it as it stayed there both of us immobile "what the fuck?" managed to say in bewilderment.

It looked like a star that was as big as a penny, I'm sure it was larger it was just waaaaay up in the sky. It was like talking to rock, there was no reaction whatsoever we sat there for a minute looking at each other. then it zigged off rather unnaturally in a Z shape and within a second it was gone.


I started back on my way, determined to make it to the pig farm freaking out the rest of the way.


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