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Hello Nick, Edy, and all the Uglies. The events I'm about to share are as accurate as I can remember. Some are more recent, and other's are almost 20+ years ago.

It was early 1993, my best friend had moved from California to Washington State where we grew up, to help his sick and failing grandfather. After a couple of months, his grandfather did pass. We sporadically talk on the phone, mainly because it wasn't cheap. When we did talk? It was as if he still lived right down the street again.

Fast forward a little over a year later. I missed my best friend and wanted to pay my respects. During the first part of my visit. There was a big party a church member was having at his house out in the country. You know, the mundane repetitive non-alcoholic question and conversation kind of BBQ social. Where are you from? What do you do for a living? The perpetual cycle with every new person you meet, answering the same questions over again.

During the party, I was introduced to a beautiful girl. Her name was, Christy. Christy and I hit it off right from the start.

We were inseparable.

I was so intrigued by her. The way she conducted herself, the stylish clothing, and how eloquently she spoke. I couldn't get enough. Mind you, there wasn't anything sexual. Just enamored and awe struck. She was so classy.

We had met in late summer of 94'. After going home, we wrote letters and talked on the phone regularly. Fast forward 5 months, we racked up the phone bill to over $300. a month. Didn't seem like we talked that long.

Believing Christy was the one! I quit my job the first of February and moved up to Portland a few days later. Packed up what few possessions I could fit in my car. And headed towards my new life. I was excited, eager, and hopeful.

The first few weeks were pure bliss. I made every effort to demonstrate not only how serious I was about her. But to show how dedicated I was to our future. I cooked, cleaned, did major landscaping. Everything was in preparation for our new life.

At night, we would lay in bed and talk about our day. I'd softly rub her back as she fell asleep. This was a nightly routine.

One night as Christy was falling asleep? The silence was broken by what sounded like, the high pitch feedback of an electronic guitar being plugged into an amp, with the volume cranked up. A song, by Guns & Rose's called ~ Don't Cry started playing.

Initially, it sounded like it was coming from the neighbors backyard. As the song went on, the volume increased. I asked Christy, "do you hear that music?" There was no response, she was already asleep. But right then, i heard a voice say. Not audibly, but more of an impression deep down inside. Saying, "This is only for you, and you alone!"

Feeling as if the voice and those words were telling me to shut my mouth and listen. As many times as I've hear that song before, it was as if I was listening to it for the first time! The song continued, it seemed to move from being outside the house, to wearing headphones on my head. I could hear every note, and lyric. With pristine accuracy. When the song was done? The quiet night became deafening. As if nothing happened.

After that night, our relationship rapidly deteriorated. From the time I moved to be with Christy? To the time we broke up, was approximately 9 weeks. It broke my heart, believing she was the one. I feel and believe that song was a premonition and tried to prepare me. Saying, Christy wasn't the one, and I shouldn't waste my time.

Update: I saw Christy, about 6 years later. But she didn't see me. I saw her at a car dealership with her Dad. I barely recognized her. She was a hallowed shell of her former self. I didn't approach or say anything. Still to this day. I don't know what happened or why our relationship fell apart and disintegrated so quickly. I guess something's I'll never know or understand.

Part II

I met Jennifer through a different friend a number of years later. We'd been talking only a few months, when I had a very bizarre dream. I envisioned her parents property and house in great detail. I saw this from above as if I was floating.

Her parents owned a few acres, that over looked a small valley. The house was "L" shaped, single story house, painted light yellow, a big bay window in front of the house, sliding glass door in the back, a gravel driveway, and an older 60's style pickup truck that sat next to the fence. The truck had a bench seat, and not bucket seats. Her Dad was always working on it for whatever reason. The grass was a mixture of faded green and scattered patches of yellow. A sparse looking tree that was dead set in the middle of the yard.

It was a year later that premonition came true.

When I did finally meet her parents? It was exactly what my dream had predicted, except? Her dad did the maintenance and worked on it when it broke down. The model was a 75, but everything else was the same. When I finally did tell Jennifer about my dream about her parents house? She dismissed my story.


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