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Hey Edi, Nick and fellow uglies!

I’ve been listening to this podcast for a while now. So I thought now is a good time to finally share a paranormal experience I had of my own.

This event happened in the summer of 2016.

My mom, my brother, my mom‘s then boyfriend and I went to his parent’s trailer for a few days to visit for a few days. After a busy day of doing absolutely nothing, we ended up sitting around the campfire… Talking about the day’s events and what we should do tomorrow as it was our last day at the trailer. Then my mom suggested we go for a walk around the beach.

While walking the beach, my brother and my mom’s boyfriend both dared each other to go in the water and see who could go the farthest before giving up. This was at like 11:30PM. My mom decided to join them. I just sat on a big rock near where they left their shoes. I decided to take pictures of them.

The first couple of photos didn’t turn out well. My camera couldn’t focus on them at all from where I was sitting. So I decided to take a photo of the water. When I looked closer, I saw what looked to be a person in the photo. But I ruled that out because my family wasn't in the frame and my camera wasn't pointed at them. I decided to be rational and not jump to any conclusions. Even though my first thought immediately was “Holy crap! A ghost!”

When they came back to shore, I showed them all the photo and asked them what they thought it was. My mom‘s boyfriend looked at the photo and immediately says, “Oh my God, is that a person?” To which I said no. As I said I didn’t have my camera pointed at them and they were pretty far off to the left so they wouldn’t of been in the photo anyway. We kept thinking of different things that it could be.

A buoy was suggested but that wouldn’t make any sense because the figure looked too far out. A buoy there wouldn’t make sense because of all the boats that could potentially hit it. Since it was almost midnight, we rationalized that no other person would be in that far in the water.

We couldn't and have not come up with a reasonable explanation for what it could be. Looking closer, it looked like it was walking on top of the water. We all decided to head back to the trailer after that.

What made things even better was that while the parents were all sleeping in the trailer, my brother and I had to sleep outside in a tent. It’s safe to say we didn't get much sleep that night. The photo really freaked us out.

Maybe you guys could find a reasonable explanation for this photo and let me know what you guys think!

Thank you guys for reading my story. I promise i will work on better explaining my stories. love you guys and the podcast!

(PS, sorry for the low quality photo, I had to take a picture of it from my laptop).

(What Scares Me - Agostino Zoida Episode)

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