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Past Love

Hey Edi and Nick, love the podcast, keep up the great work. I just heard the reincarnation episode, and the friends meeting in this lifetime freaked me out.

I'm 34 but this happened around the time I was 6 or 7 in Vegas in Circus Circus. I've been there multiple times since then. But, I remember when I was 6/7 the hallway between the slots and the part before you go up to the kids section. There was like a 2 stair drop on and a flat walk then another 2 stair rise to keep going.

Anyways, I remember a white family (I'm Mexican) walking on the opposite end of us as my mother, my father, and two brothers crossed this little dip down, dip up path. On the opposite the other family, a father, a mother and a girl my age with 2 siblings as well slipped in at the same time. As we both got to the middle my eyes and her eyes locked for about a second.

What happened next I will never forget, it was like we were a past couple in a previous life, but we were too young to understand it. Both our families went the 2 stairs on opposite sides and for Some reason her and I couldn't take those two steps to keep going.

We both froze and our families kept going without even noticing, we both turned around a looked at each other and Somehow we knew each other without saying a word. We looked at each other for what seemed like forever, which was probably like 4-5 seconds, smiled and my body and hers just turned around automatically.

I wanted to say something but I guess we Couldn't, or the higher powers didn't allow us to, I don't know. So we kept going our separate ways and to the day I die, I will Never forget that moment.

Thanks for your podcast, keep going


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