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On Our Dog Walk

What’s up nick edi and uglies,

I have a story that happened not that long ago.

In September, I was with my friend and we were walking her dog. When we were walking back to her house, I felt like there was something off. The air felt thick and I had a bad feeling. Something told me to turn around and when I did my heart stopped.

Behind us what a pale skinny creature that looked like a man. But when I looked closely at it, the features were blurry and I couldn’t make out anything other than it was tall and stalking us.

I turned around to my friend and told her that we needed to hurry up and get home. I didn’t want to freak her out so I told her that I needed the toilet. She was about to start walking when her dog looked back and started growling. She turned around and gasped at what she saw stalking us. We then quickly turned around and started walking fast while her dog kept looking back every few seconds and growling. I kept looking back to make sure that it wasn’t too close to us.

Whenever I would turn around, it would be peaking out from a corner of a house or in a bush, we walked past two people and we told them we were being followed but they looked confused and said that there was nothing there and continued to walk on, when we heard that it made us even more scared. We once again started walking really fast and we were nearly at her street but we had to cross a main road to get into her street.

There was loads of cars coming down the road and we were getting inpatient as we were worried about this thing getting too close to us and grabbing us. When I saw that it was safe enough to cross, I grabbed my friend and we ran across the road as fast as we could.When we crossed the road, that thing started to cross too. We decided to let her dog off the leash and tell him to go home as we were close.He was a Great Dane and if we tried to run with him on the leash, he would’ve dragged my friend off her feet.Her dog was hesitant because he didn’t want to leave us. When her dog ran back to the house, we followed behind him.

When we got to the side of the street where her house was, we turned around to see how close the thing was but it had disappeared. There was no where it could’ve hidden that fast, as it was a grassy area and if it had crossed the road we would’ve seen it. Even though it had disappeared that just made our fear grow stronger.

We raced to her door where her dog was waiting. My friend quickly unlocked it, we got in the house and when we were about to close the door I caught a glimpse of it standing in front of her driveway. It went away after 5 minutes of us closing the door and we’ve never seen it again but I will never forget the fear and dread that I felt that day. I’m glad we had her dog because we both felt a bit safer knowing that if something were to happen her dog would’ve been able to protect us because of how big he is. We’ve never went on that route again for her dogs walk so we’ve once again had to change it.

Hopefully with the new route we don’t encounter whatever that thing was again.


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