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Of Course I Promised, But..

Hello beautiful Edi and Mr. Nick,

I last wrote you an encounter. It was of a crazy boyfriend and well, who cares about those? But I no longer know how to share privately.. This may be of interest. This is of alternate dimensions. I have two but I’ll just share this one in utmost validity.

When I was about 8, I was a trouble maker and my daddy’s best friend. He worked in Air Force Intelligence during the Cold War. My dad was a boss. When I was a child, we were shot at twice. The second time, he just said “duck”. We all did (my mother and I). We carried that bullet on our windshield from a red pick up in Illinois for almost a decade.

He has since passed, but it’s cool to have someone in the national cemetery right? Dad was a die hard atheist but the one thing he believed in was aliens. He retired from the military when I was about 8. We moved to a quiet developing town in Virginia. Our neighborhood was on a border of forest, and a creek. The other side was a firefighter training facility, the local youth shelter and juvie. When expanding the neighborhood, they had bulldozed a two lane grass road between the neighborhood and creek.

One day, dad and I decided to take a walk on this path just going straight. We came across this really strange abandoned farm. On one side was a long hedge row of tall Osage orange trees which is uncharacteristic of them, and a white farm house. Across the clearing was a white shed.

Immediately upon entering the space we felt uncomfortable. We walked across the field. I approached the shed. I went to open the door and all of a sudden my father said “do not open that door”. I looked at him bewildered. Then he said “run!” And then took off.

I never in my life from that moment and since seen my father run from anything. Of course in complete horror, I ran after him. When we got back to our culdesac he said “promise me you’ll never try and go back there” ... Of course I promised.

But a couple days later, I rounded up the neighborhood kids and said “hey you guys, guess what...”

A few of us headed down that very obvious bulldozed path for Much longer then my father and I did. But that place, simply wasn’t there. Didn’t exist. No farm. No shed. I looked like a fool to all my elementary comrades. But too, it’s something I will never forget.


Happy Halloween you beautiful Ghouls!

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