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No Joke

I had went to NewYork this past October. We were staying with my sister-in-laws brother at there home. They had told us to go to this park one town over in Watertown NY. So we did and when we got there we were taking pictures and videos of the park.

We hiked to the bottom of a big hill and then we had to go back up these stairs and there was so many stairs. No joke! I left my family members to beat them up the stairs.

Once i was going up the stairs i was a long ways from my group of family members. As i was going up i felt like i was being watched but didn’t think about it to much, i just took some pictures and was on my way. I made it to the top and waited for my family members to reach me and i must have been like a good 10 minutes.

Meanwhile they where taking their time going up and my brother was taking video as they where going up. My brother caught a noise on his phone don’t know what it is but creeped me out after finding out that people go missing in the park.

People have died there and locals claim that theirs vortexes there that make u lose track of time.


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