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Night Visions

Hello Nick and Edi!

I grew up in small town Arkansas, where I worked a few security jobs. In 2018, I got hired on at a country club/gated community for security. I was 21 22 at the time.

My very first night there, we went to lock the clubhouse. It was a 2 story building with a basement. We usually enter through the kitchen. Myself and the guy training me walked through…

As we left the kitchen, we heard every single pot and pan fall! We heard loud banging from the metal to tile impact! We run into the kitchen…

Only to find everything just how we left it. Nothing had fallen. No lights were on or anything. We just ducked our heads and kept moving

I worked at this place for just 1 year. In that time, I saw a few odd things I can’t explain. Anytime I would lock the clubhouse by myself, if I looked up from the dining room to the 2nd floor loft area…. without fail…

Every time…

I would see someone in the window. Being security, I would have to go upstairs and check it… Only to find no one each time.

Before I was hired, one security officer was locking the golf shop on site. He saw a black mass charge towards him. He locked the door, ran to the vehicle and drove to the guard shack. He quit that night!

After him, a pastor joined the team for a part time basis. As the pastor was being trained, they were walking upstairs in the clubhouse… He was dragged to the ground and choked by some invisible force! The person training him could see red hand prints forming on his neck. Once it let go, they left.

And of course, the pastor quit soon after

When I was 19, I worked security for a chicken processing plant. I had 2 experiences when I was working there. I worked night shift midnight to noon.

One shift, I was doing my rounds. Walking along our fence. In the train yard next door, I saw a creature hopping along… But it wasn't anything I have seen before.

It had almost a rabbit like body, but with long deer like legs and short front arms. It freaked me out but I just kept walking. Next thing I did, I went to our waste water building. We normally checked with the guy working there… to make sure he was awake… and had not fallen into the churn and died

I could not, for the life of me, find him. I checked the churn, fearing the worst. But could not see him. I checked his office… The bathroom… Everywhere! He was no where to be found

I looked for so long, my partner called me on the radio to check my status. I said I was on my way.. I got caught up

When I got back to the guard shack, I explained what kept me to my partner. We called down to the waste water office.

No answer.

We kept trying until the guy finally answered. We asked where he had been. He said he was eating lunch in his office. We asked why he wasn't answering. He claims he answered the first call he got from us. I asked where he was when I was down there. He said he was in his office the whole time and was wondering why I never showed up to check on him.

The next time I saw him, we talked about it. By his voice and how he was talking about the night, I feel he was genuine. I'm not sure what had happened that night.

The next thing happened on my day off.

Myself and my friend, Isaac, were hanging out. At maybe 2:45 am, we decided to go to the gas station for a snack. We got ready and left around 3 am. I know… It’s the witching hour. We get to the gas station and Isaac forgot his wallet at home. So we drive to his house.

I was driving. It was a basic road. 1 lane going each way. Curb, grass, sidewalk, then people’s yards.

As we neared his house, we saw a man standing on the sidewalk to the left of us. He had to be at least 6'8". Probably taller. He started to go across the road. I slowed down to let him walk by. He took maybe 5 steps from sidewalk to sidewalk. But the worst part is…

He never touched the ground!

His legs moved but he seemed to hover across the street. We watched in terror of this movement. When he made his way in front of my car, my headlights did not illuminate him! He stayed a shadow the entire time he walked past. Even with the car headlights directly on him, he remained this featureless black shadow person… floating across the road

When he finally past by, we drove off silent. Didn’t say a word about it the whole ride. And even we got back to my house, never said a word about it. Then I told Isaac “Lets go in separate rooms and write down what we saw… To see if it matched or if it was a dream”. When we came back to compare papers… We had the same thing written down word for word!

That still haunts me to this day!

I deliver pizza now. I listen to the podcast while on my runs. Keep up the great work. And thank you for reading this.

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