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Mirrors, A Doorway To The Unknown

Hey Edi and Nick!

I started listening to this podcast in the summer and I'm now a big fan! I started revisiting some strange experiences and downright ghost stories that I put behind me in the past since listening to the podcast, and I thought it is time to share one. I previously felt uncomfortable sharing because I felt like I would automatically be deemed a nutjob but since opening up to friends recently about my experiences, I realized I'm not the only one who has had strange and unexplainable phenomena happen to them.

Here it goes!

I have always grown up with ghost stories. I have fond memories of gathering around a fire and telling ghost stories with my sisters and family. But they were mostly fun stories and I had never experienced something before or had wanted to.

I grew up with my two sisters, and we remain very close. One of my sisters is my half-sister, her father sadly passed away when she was a baby in a tragic car accident that both she, my mother, and my aunt happened to be in. My aunt, and half-sister sustained some injuries but luckily survived.

My mother suffered a lot from the loss of her husband, and coping with single motherhood after the accident. I remember my mother telling me years later that she sometimes felt his presence, and that she believed he was watching over my half-sister as a baby. She sometimes would walk into the nursery room, and find my sister asleep with the cradle moving back and forth. She would also wake up in the night from my sister's laughter, and she would walk in and see my sister laughing and smiling and looking up and staring in one direction but nothing was there. My mother had never spoken about the death of her first husband when I was a kid, and so I grew up thinking that my half-sister was my full sister. Although, I consider her to be my full sister regardless.

One day when I was about 7-8 years old, I walked into my half-sister's room to borrow a hair brush or something, even though I knew I wasn't allowed to be in her room without her permission. A photo on her vanity caught my attention. It was of an older man, mid-twenties to early thirties in a white suit playing the saxophone. I had never seen this photo before, but I knew this had to be someone important to her, and I had a strange feeling that it was her father or some unknown relative of hers. I became entranced by the photo and when I finally looked up in the mirror of her vanity I saw a sweater floating in the air. I remember feeling stunned and like I couldn't move.

The sweater slowly started to fill with air and took on the shape of a man's torso. At that point I finally regained control of myself and I started to slowly walk away from the room and I walked backwards until I reached the first floor.

I remember my family was having breakfast and I ran to my mother to tell her what I saw. She did not believe me of course, and she told me not to think about it and to just enjoy the breakfast. I did as I was told, and I kept it out of mind but I never truly forgot about it. I've tried to find the logic in that experience as an adult.

Maybe I was half-asleep? But I remember being awake but maybe I wasn't. Maybe I had an oncoming flu? Memory can be faulty, so who knows. Maybe the picture or mirror opened a door to the other side momentarily? I have always been told that mirrors reflect light and truth, and that they can also be portals to the other side.

Anyways, this is one strange experience that happened to me. I have a few more, but those will be for later. I can't wait to hear your input!


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