Knives Out

This happened to me this week.

I live in a pretty safe neighborhood but recently since the ease of lockdown, people have been going crazy.

There is some trying doors in the streets and I thought nothing of it.

Well last night, my dog started barking at what we thought was nothing.

My sister went out this morning to find that the flap of the letter box on the door was lying on the stairs in my garden.

Now to get that off you either have to unscrew it or be really strong.

I’ve always been an anxious person but this has sent me into overdrive.

I think that they took it off to mark my house, to say that they can try the door but tonight, I’ve decided to sit down at the door in the dark with a knife and wait to see if anyone sticks their hands through or tries to peak through.

I am now going to be sleeping with a knife under my pillow for protection.

I hope no one tries to come tonight but if they do, I’ll be prepared to protect myself and my house.


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