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In That Room

When my dad was 27, in the late 70s, he had just moved back to Dallas. He was living with his grandmother until he could save up enough to move out on his own.

One night, he was resting in his bed after a long days work. All of a sudden, my father looked up and saw in front of him, a dark outline of a male figure that seemed to be wearing an old-fashioned hat and trench coat. The figure leaned over towards my father as if to touch him. Startled, my father shot up and began kicking and screaming because he imagined the figure to be the Death Angel. This scared the figure, which in turn, tried to go back through the door, but just bumped into it instead.

It tried again to pass through the bedroom door, but first had to let out an nearly indescribable bellowing sort of sound. Through the bedroom door, my father could hear the figure repeat the same actions at the front door of the house. Then his grandmother left her bedroom and went to his to ask my father what was going on? My father recounted what had happened. To that she replied, that it was probably her brother who had passed away in that room, in that same bed, just a year before.

About 20 years later in Los Angeles, in the 90s, I was having a slumber party for my 9th birthday. It was a rainy night. About a dozen of us girls were all camped out in our den, including myself and my younger sister.

We were eating junk food, watching movies and music videos, when all of a sudden we saw standing in front of the back door, the same figure from years before. He was illuminated by the lightning that shown through the windows. We were all frightened, but couldn’t break our stare. We were all seeing it! Needless to say, we didn’t leave the den for the rest of the night.

That was the end of it for my party guests, but not for my sister and I. We continued to see the figure in front of the front door every night after that for a long long time.

A handful of years after my party, my father, sister, and I moved to Dallas. Before we moved into the same apartment complex as our cousins, we stayed a couple of months at that same house, in that same room, and slept on that same bed.


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