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Peering At Me

I wanted to share this to get some people’s opinions. I’m quite skeptical of the paranormal and things like that. But I am very interested in learning about it. I am open to believing in it. I just haven’t had anything that’s made me fully believe.

Anyways on to the story…

I was about 13 at the time. I’m 18. I was home alone. It was around maybe 11PM-12AM. I was just laying on the floor of my living room watching a movie. The way my living room is set up there’s a fireplace on one wall and directly across from it is the stairs.The TV is to the left of the fireplace.

So I was laying in front of the fireplace. I got this feeling of being watched. As if someone was staring at the top of my head from the direction of the stairs. To ease my mind… To prove that no one was there…

I turned around…

I saw this long, dark haired, dark eyed woman… With her hands on the wall next to the stair railing… Peering around the wall

When I made eye contact, she just slowly went up the stairs. I sat there frozen… Like my eyes must’ve been playing tricks on me.. Or… is someone in my house?

After I went through all the possibilities in my head… I grabbed a knife and checked around. No one was there. I’ve always kind of convinced myself I was just seeing things… Until I was telling one of my friends about this experience… I realized that… That wasn’t the first time I saw that woman.

I’ve seen her in my dreams.

I’ve had some weird things in my house happen… Like feeling uneasy or I’m being watched when no ones around. Doors opening and closing on their own. Things being misplaced.

Now I’m just sort of wondering about what I witnessed… And what’s happening. Am I just seeing things? Or was this something paranormal?

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