Haunted Hallway

What’s up, guys! I’m new here. So trip out on this.

Growing up, I lived in my grandparents’ house in Sylmar CA. My mother grew up in the same house so it’s been in our family for as long as that. The house has a hallway that splits 4 different ways. Every person who has been there always claims to see a person walk by. My family believes that the hallway is a gateway to the other side.

We always had a shelf with religious candles on it. Every time we came home, they were always on the floor… as if they were knocked over. We also had a piano. It would sometimes have three keys play lightly as if someone playing with it. This mostly happened at night. I would cry in my sleep. All the cabinets would open and close. Eventually we put hooks on them to keep them closed.

Some of my friends would go check out the hallways for themselves. They all had crazy things happen to them. That house has been blessed countless times. My grandfather and his friends even dug up the backyard to see if there was anything.

When I was older, I asked my grandpa about what was happening. He would say “Sometimes there’s just things we can’t explain, so I learned to live with it and that’s it.”

I still have bad dreams of that horrible place.


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