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Hat Man

Hey Nick and Edi.

I've shared one other story before, and you guys actually put it on the show unlike other shows I listen to. So I wanted to share my experience with the Hat Man. I didn't know this was experienced by others until I listened to your show and it made me feel a little bit better knowing I wasn't alone.

I like to call myself a skeptical believer, I like to look for rational explanations for weird things as I've had a lot of experiences with the paranormal world. I could not think of any rational explanation for this experience.

I had worked the night shift, so I was going to sleep in the morning, and I know my husband is working, I'm all alone at home. I was just falling into slumber when I heard my name being whispered, not my full name you see here, but my nick name Alyx.

My first thought was my husband came home early and was letting me know he was home. I call out to him "Babe?"

No response.

Then I hear it again, a hoarse voice whisper my name, and I respond in the same way "Babe?".

That time i got a response.

The voice was really deep and hoarse sounding and it says "no..." almost like the name whisper. My first reaction is my hubby is trying to scare me and I respond with a stern "babe!?" at the same time I attempt to turn my head towards the door. Then I hear a loud angry "NO!",

I can feel a dark presence and I can feel it glaring at me. In my attempt to look at the bedroom door, I can sort of see a very tall dark figure. It looked like he was wearing a top hat, standing in my door way. In that instance, I feel the paralysis take over my body.

I can feel his presence get closer to me, which felt instantaneous as well, then I can feel a long skinny arm with long fingers wrap around my side from behind me. I can't move and push this hand off me. I couldn't fight it, as soon as the arm wraps around me sleep takes me. It was like one second had passed and I was awake.

I now know what I experienced that morning, and I could never get the image of this figure out of my brain. This was the first time I had seen the Hat Man, and not the last. Only thing is the second time I seen him was not a sleep paralysis experience. I'll share that experience another time.

Thank you for reading my Hat Man story. And thank you for helping me in knowing I'm not alone in my experiences.



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