There is just something about closed graveyards in the middle of the night that appeals to the dumber side of me.

My boyfriend at the time, his brother, my best friend and I piled in the car for a spooky adventure. There is an abandoned school house down 23 after 270 in columbus. Real late at night you can see red lights in the windows and sometimes, if you're lucky enough, you can see faces.

This was one of those nights.

We drove up to it and stopped at the red light. We all saw at least 2 faces of small school aged children, but behind them in the top window was what I assume was the teacher... creepy enough but this was only stop one on our night of stupid choices.

If you continue down 23 there is a turn in what looks like a small town, down that road, to the right is a metal guard rail, a piece of it has a chain across it... that was our destination.

We parked the car and me, my boyfriend, and his brother all climb out. My friend stayed behind to guard the car... that and he was already scared enough.

We take the long dirt road back to the cemetery. It's your typical small abandoned spot. Broken grave stones, some graffiti, and of course trash from other spooky lovers.

Way back to the right, up a small dirt walk way is a shed. No idea what its purpose was but me and my bf went to check it out while his brother sat on a stone to roll a blunt. We get to the shed and of course my bf is trying to scare me. He starts telling me a story about witch craft... made perfect by the appearance of the shed that had pentagrams and what not all over it.

All the sudden we hear voices... female voices. Its low and chanty... we both stop and listen.

Assuming its jonas. We start giggling then hear an ear hurting shriek of a laugh.

My blood turns cold and I tear up as we start walking back to the cemetery to find jonas looking pale.

"Haha krissy, you're so funny”.

I told him I didn't do anything.

The voices start again. At least 3 distinct voices talking at the same time. We hurriedly walk back to the car. We can hear my friend yelling, "GET IN THE CAR!! GET IN THE CAR!" My friend is now in the front seat, the blood drained from his face as we run the rest of the way to the car. We jump in and he starts driving us. He has no idea where he is going other then away from there.

"Johnny, what happened?”

"There are women in the woods. Naked women. 4 of them. Who the hell walks through the woods naked?!”

And that was the last time I went to a graveyard in the middle of the night!


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