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Evil Friend

What’s up uglies, Edi and nick. This happened to me when I was 8 years old.

I was friends with all the kids in my street and we’d all go play with each other. There would usually be about 10 of us but this day it was only me and 3 others. We went to play in the woods across the road from our houses and we were having a fun time.

One of my friends decided that we should play hide and seek. We all agreed. I climbed up a tree and was well hidden for about 10 minutes. I suddenly got the feeling that I was being watched. I looked down and saw one of my friends at the bottom of the tree. She was holding a huge plank with a nail sticking out of it and was staring up at me.

When I saw her, my heart jumped up into my throat. As I made eye contact with her, she threw the plank at me and the nail went into my knee. She ran off. I managed to make my way down the tree to find my other two friends. I found them quickly cause they ran out of their hiding spots when they heard me crying in pain.

Once they saw my knee, they asked what happened and I told them. We looked around for that friend to see if she was near by. She was hiding up a tree and staring at us.

My friends and I made our way back to my house so that I could get patched up.

The next day, we confronted our friend about the plank and the screaming but she didn’t remember doing any of it. After that, we didn’t hang about with her as much and anytime she came out I always had the feeling of fear in my gut. I would stay away from her and stand with my other friend.

To this day I still have the scar on my knee and thinking about this still gives me the fear. I don’t know where she is now but I hope I never meet her again.


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