Devil Worship Road

Hey Edi and Nick, I just discovered your podcast a few weeks ago and I love it. I wanted to share a story about this local road in my hometown in Mississippi, aptly named by locals as Devil Worship Road.

So basically it's your typical country road, 2 lane, very few no zero homes, and absolutely no light for 10-20 miles. The story goes that should you find yourself driving out there alone in the early morning hours, specifically around 2-3am, cars have been known to break down or stall out.

One teenage couple reported their car stalled out halfway, rolled to a stop, and of course no cell service to be had. They sat in the car, alone, in the pitch black of the Mississippi night.

Suddenly they noticed hand prints begin to appear along the driver's window, they then moved down the car around back, to the passenger's side, then just as quick as they began they disappeared. Shaken but of sound enough mind to try to get the car going, the guy gets out to inspect the engine. While his girlfriend waiting in the car, her view blocked of him by the hood of the car being raised, she began to get on edge from a feeling of dread from being watched.

Just then, she glances out her window into the tree line and sees something that makes her heart drop. In the shadows of the trees is a man, or what looks like a man, more so a humanoid figure that appeared to stand nearly 7 feet tall. She freaks out, screams for her boyfriend to get back in the car, just as she does the car ignites to life, he jumps back in and they speed away as fast as possible.

No explanation has ever been shown to explain what they saw, or what many witnesses claim to experience out on that long stretch of road in Mississippi.

Hope you guys enjoy! I'm not the best writer but hope you guys and the uglies enjoy.


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