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Dead Lines

I would like to share a small story with you all.

The house I live in was built in the 1970s. Within the past few years, we have removed the phones from the walls and canceled any kind of telephone service for the house, since we have cell phones.

One evening, I was in the house alone. I decided to go do some laundry in the basement. I got the laundry all situated. No problems so far.

As I started to walk back up the stairs, I heard a loud phone ring. I stood breathless on the stairs for a few seconds. Then I realized, “God I have to run past the place where the phone was, in order to get to my cell phone, to call my husband and freak out!”

I gathered my courage and ran like a b**** to my living room.

I called my husband and said “Oh my god! Get home! A phone just rang that we don't have!”

(The Demon House Of Gary, Indiana Episode)

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