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Alone At Home

My whole family is in Mexico for the rest of the month and I’m the only one who stayed to watch the house. Everything has been going pretty well, a little weird being alone but not scary… until tonight 

I’m sitting in my room just hanging out and I hear like two faint knocks. I brush it off because my dog is out in the hallway laying against one of the bedroom doors. When he scratches, he makes a noise against the door.

Not even a couple minutes later I hear talking and I freeze because I’m home by myself! Then the tv in the living room turned on completely by itself! The remotes for the tv and the satellite box are both on the couch undisturbed so I know they didn’t fall and the dog didn’t accidentally turn it on by stepping on them.

I have no idea HOW the tv turned on. That has never happened not even while my family is here and I know for sure I am alone. No one is in the house because we have sensors on the doors and windows to let us know when someone opens them.

We live in a super quiet rural neighborhood. I didn’t even think there could be any neighbors pranking me since our neighbors don’t even know each other like that.

My sister comes over to check on me and hang out sometimes while our family is gone. Her mother in law's house just got cleansed by a brujo a week or two ago.

So I hope nothing attached to her and made its way here


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