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A Heightened Sense

Sometimes I feel like maybe I’m haunted.

I’ve had experiences ever since I was small. Growing up, I thought that maybe just my house was haunted. But I started to go places and experience the same things. Sometimes I think I’m just crazy, but my family experienced the same things growing up. And even though I keep many things to myself, often times people will come to me about something similar. I’ve always seen figures and felt the vibe of places. I can even feel how others are feeling and can tell when something is off.

The first time I ever remember seeing someone was when my sister was a baby. She was in her crib. I was sitting, playing with toys next to her. I turned around to grab something to hand to her. A dark shadow standing over me bent down to get on my level in front of me.

Not long after that, my family went on vacation to Williamsburg. During the vacation, we would go see different plantations. We even went on a day when one of the plantations was closed just to see the grounds from the car. Yet I felt terrified to get out. My parents convinced me to join them.

Upon walking up to the front door, I looked to the right into a fenced part of the yard. I saw a white woman in a black dress, rocking in a chair. After reading about the house, there were visitors who claimed to see the same woman. It was said that she had been a nanny in the home in the 1700s, roaming the estate.

As I got older, things at home got increasingly worse.

I used to sleep with my bedroom door open. Every night I would wake to something standing in the doorway, watching me sleep and pacing up and down the hallway. To this day I will not sleep with my door open.

There’s also a crawl space above the basement steps in my parents' closet. I know something is in there. I dreamed that I saw it, with it’s black face and sharp white teeth. I tried to hide my face. But it held onto me and made me look at it, with its piercing eyes staring into my soul.

Not too long ago, I was at my parents’ house. My 7 year old cousin was playing while my mom and aunt talked in the living room. I was in the dining room sitting at an angle where I could see the basement but not the living room. I watched my cousin go to the basement and walk down the steps, which he knows he isn’t allowed to do. I called after him. He didn’t acknowledge me. He simply turned the corner and kept going. I called him again, only to see my cousin come running from the living room, not come up from the steps. Chills ran down my spine. He had never gone into the basement to begin with, but something that looked exactly like him did.

My most recent experiences include the house I just moved into. It was built in the 40s, so that alone made me a little weary.

When I first walked through and moved in, I felt nothing. About a month in, I started to get the feeling that someone was watching me when I did the dishes or sat in the living room. When I lay my daughter down for her nap, I play instrumental lullabies. I swear I hear a woman humming and singing along to the music.

In the upstairs, I can see someone quickly shift away from the entry way every time I stand at the bottom of the steps. I feel like no matter what I do or where I go I experience something. Sometimes I go through periods where I can shut my mind off to those things but it always ends up coming back.

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