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The Contract

Hey I just wanted to tell you a story about my first sleep paralysis.

I’m from Australia.

One night, I woke up.. or so I thought.

As soon as my eyes opened, there was a dark shadow figure.

It was hard to explain since I had never known about sleep paralysis before this.

It was just darker than the dark.

Floating right above my body.

I couldn’t move

My mind automatically thought someone’s broken into my house

And because there was a feeling in my chest, my mind automatically jumped to “oh, someone has broken into the house and I am getting stabbed to death. Great!”

I tried to scream but I couldn’t.

Once I realized that it was not that and it was whatever that ugly looking thing was, I got even more scared

I don’t know how but I could feel like this thing was enjoying me being scared

It felt like it was sucking the life out of me

It looked so scary.

Then just like that, it was all over.

This thing scared me so much that I did not go to sleep for 4 nights.

I was that scared to sleep.

On the fourth night of no sleep, I started to hear voices.

Demonic evil voices telling me to kill myself.

To just get a knife and end it.

As horrible as this all sounds, somehow it was extremely convincing at the time.

I picked up a knife

The voices kept guiding me on how to stab myself and how to kill myself

I held the knife to my throat and was about to send it through my throat.

Insane, I know. Wild ha.

But something at the last second said no.

It was powerful and stopped me.

I finally slept.

Then I suffered from sleep paralysis 4 times a week on average for about 3 years.

One day my brother’s new girlfriend heard me talk about my sleep paralysis.

She was a bit hippie dippy type.

She said “you made a contract with that entity in your past life to save your wife and it has followed you life to life.

You have to get rid of the contract. Rip it up.”

She said I astral project myself to this thing in my dreams without even realizing it.

She laid me down told me to close my eyes.

She did some hippie stuff.

When she was done she said she ripped up the contract and the entity should leave me alone now.

The next night, I had another sleep paralysis dream

It started with my door knob trying to open.

But whatever was trying to get in couldn’t.

I told my brother’s girlfriend.

She said it was testing it.

It won’t bother me anymore.

5 years later, I haven’t had 1 sleep paralysis since then.

Unfortunately, these experiences have ruined me for life

I have extreme anxiety from them and I have sleeping issues.

I can’t sleep without the light on and I’m an extreme light sleeper.

I get only like 3 hours sleep a night.


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