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Is She Angry?

Hey Edi and Nick!! Thanks for reading my story last time! I love the podcast! I binged it every night after I found it and now I’m caught up! I have a couple of experiences that I’ve had myself before the coffee experience with my boyfriend! Here’s one story!

I can’t remember how old I was when these things started happening and when they happened but I know I was under 13. I was living with my great grandma. When we would go to bed, we would hear the pots and pans moving in the kitchen and footsteps. Like someone was getting ready to cook. I remember it just us being in that house. There would be no one else there. We never got up to look because we were scared. If I’m honest, we probably didn’t wanna see anything paranormal in the kitchen. I honestly don’t know if it ever stopped or if I just got used to it.

Here’s a second story! My great grandma passed away when I was a junior I’m high school. A couple of months after she passed, I would have vivid dreams of her. We would be somewhere eating and I would be talking to her. Telling her all the current events in my life. It would feel so real. I’d wake up, thinking that I talked to her in person. Then reality would sink in and remember she passed. If you haven’t figured out yet, we were really close. I lived with her up until I was 13.

After a while, I’d start having dreams of her being mad at me and me not knowing why. Then I’d have dreams of her not mad at me.. It was kind of back and fourth.. Of course I was upset when I’d dream of her mad at me. Then I would have less and less dreams of her...

About 3 years after she passed I moved in with my now boyfriend. I had this dark blue sweater that was hers. I would it wear a lot. One day I found a grey hair on the sweater. I freaked out because I had black hair and no one that had visited had grey hair. My grandma had black and grey hair. On three occasions, I found one piece of grey hair... They all looked the same length.. Then nothing... No hair and no dreams of her for a long time.. Or I don’t remember them.

The most recent dream I had was almost a year ago. In my dream, my boyfriend and I were trying to let her meet our baby that’s gonna be two in September.... I vividly remember us walking up to the porch of her house. We were trying to talk to her but she was just mad. As we’re walking back to our car, tornado sirens started going off. I looked up and there was a tornado coming towards us.. So we turn back to her house but she absolutely refused to let us in. I woke up and felt sad. I haven’t had a dream since or anything..

It’s gonna be 10 years since she passed away in December. Also wanted to note she never met my boyfriend. I love hearing y’alls opinions and commentary on stories. I would love to know what y’all think of these two stories.

I love yalllllllll!!!!!


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