Ice Cold

I’ve always believed in paranormal things, aliens, etc.

I’ve had 1 paranormal encounter and it chilled me to the bone .

I was about 18-19 living in Brookpark Ohio.

Had a finished basement with a finished room sort of boarded off , and a priest had been to the house before this event .

He said that there was an “older man who liked to stay in the downstairs kitchen” in that bedroom there was a walk in closet where he also stated “there are 2 spirits of 2 very young children who can’t leave this closet area”.

Now keep in mind this closet had no door on it , so while trying to sleep I was always tweaking myself out imagining them just staring at me .

Now to the scary part .

One night I’m laying in bed just sitting on my phone , nothing crazy.

Out of no where I hear what sounded like one of those big rubber balls get thrown across the room on the other side of the bedroom wall..

Immediately after that I hear the doorknob rotate and click and the door starts creepily opening .

As that happens , my phone IMMEDIATELY just goes black and won’t turn back on and the room feels like it just dropped 40° and was ice cold .

I sat there for about 10 seconds, frozen; debating if I should man up or get outta there.

Nope, I ran out of that room and up the stairs as fast as I could .

Moved my room upstairs and then let my friend move in that room 😂.

As stated I have always been a believer in these things.

This was just definite proof.

Thanks for hearing me out !

Love the podcast, makes my work days fly by !


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