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A Queen Mary Date

Hi Edi, Nick an all other Uglies!! My story took place on the Queen Mary. This was back around 18 years, I was talking to this guy online for awhile and he was coming to my area (when I lived in LA) for business. He said he was staying on the Queen Mary, totally cool. Plans were made to meet on the ship.

My friends were crazy that I would meet someone on a ship that I do not know, but I figured there would be enough people around and felt safe. We met at one of bars for some drinks before dinner.

While there, the conversation turned to my date hearing footsteps above him in his stateroom, and when he called the front desk they said that it can't be as there is no one on that floor above him at night due to the renovations taking place. And there is carpet, so they are not sure how he can be hearing footsteps. The bartender, who overheard the story, said that the whole ship is haunted, everyone who works on it knows that, so he probably heard a ghost. I have always been fascinated with ghosts and has even considered being a paranormal psychologist in high school.

Well after dinner I was even more intrigued and wanted to hear or see a ghost, so when my date asked me to his room...just to see what the staterooms look like, and to see if we can hear or see any ghosts, I was game. It was rather creepy walking the halls to get to the stateroom, inside it was even more creepier. He asked if i wanted to look out the porthole and it was so strange, there was fog out around the ship and a full moon out. He turned on the TV, kept it on low and wouldn't you know we started hearing what sounded like high heels walking above us.

He says, did you hear that?

I'm like, oh yes.

He said that is the sound that has him freaked out.

He was not a fan of the paranormal like I, so he started packing his stuff and we walked out together. He was going to find a hotel to sleep at and hope it's not haunted.

I never had the chance to go back there to explore, but I am sure you can find some great stories of goings on at The Queen Mary.


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