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Mad Panda
Feb 07, 2022
In Uglies Discussions
My spouse and I are long time listeners of this podcast. With that being said we're not sure what happened to the platform. In the beginning, or when they first started the show. It was great. The best even. The two compliment one another and are really funny. But somewhere it feels like the show has taken a different direction. The stories aren't scary anymore. It feels more so like a true crime podcast now. It's sad because there's a shortage of good horror podcasts. We don't know if the platform changed because of the lost of the lack of passion from the hosts. Or because there's children listening now. So they had to water down the stories because of this. Im not bashing the podcast because we still love this show for the great stories they read in the past. Its just heart breaking to hear the show go downhill. NOT SO SCARY STORIES WITH EDI AND NIC.
Mad Panda
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