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Woman In The Room

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Hey Nick, Edi, and uglies!

My story is a bit extensive but y'all can break it into parts if ya want. So a good starting point is this:

I am a middle school child and I was messaging my friend about random crap like us teenage girls do and we had been in a conversation about paranormal stuff that day. All of the sudden, I stopped typing and went into a trance. I saw her brother's room. Earlier she was talking about how she'd hear stuff like things falling or footsteps from her brother's room, but her brother is in college so it was just creepy.

Anyway, I saw her brother's room. I described it perfectly to her. I've never been to or seen photos of her house let alone her brother's room so it was just creepy. Adding onto that, I would always see a woman in that room. The girl had long dark hair and slightly tattered clothes. I told her this and she said she wouldn't tell her brother.

Turns out, I am a psychic. It runs in my family. I see, hear, and sense things most people can't.

After that, more weird stuff started happening. My school was built around the 1950s. Many weird things happen there, and we've been researching, but can't find much.

Anyway, to make it short and simple here is a list of some odd things that happen. (I will go into detail with the important things)

-Stuff moves

-Lockers slam

-Pushed down steps by nothing

-Elevators shut down

-Fire alarms go off

-Insturments get moved (we are band nerds)

-Homework disappears 

-Boards turn off

-Pencils and other tools thrown for no reason 

-Chills and coldness

-Demonic sightings

It's a long list, so sorry.

Let's start with the elevator. It doesn't sound like much, but the story makes it make more sense. It all started in Spanish class. I sat across from my friend, the one with the haunted house. We will call her Leo. So I was talking to Leo when all of a sudden I feel the urge to turn around. When I turned I saw a dark figure of a man in the back corner of the room. Leo saw the pale look on my face and knew something was wrong. Not long after, I got a chill. Not your typical oh-it's-cold-outside chill. No, this was the kind of chill I get when something paranormal has happened, is happening, or will happen. Leo saw this and waited for what would happen next. My mind cleared. A deep disembodied voice said "Can't run. Don't go." As soon as I told Leo, the elevator stopped. I felt sick.

Like I said, I saw Leo's brother's room. Leo had been hearing strange noises such as things falling in the closet and stuff shifting. Her brother is in college and wasn't home at this point in time. Of course, when she told me this, I told her the probable cause: the girl in the room.

After that, I kept seeing things in her home through visions, and she kept seeing stuff out of the corner of her eyes. Later, she told me how she was having issues sleeping and was having nightmares. Soon after, I had a vision of her room. Like her brother's room, I described that to her.

She has a full body mirror in her room and I saw it as being a possible portal. I told her to cover her mirror and burn some candles. After this, she covered her mirror and had less activity in her room. However, it definitely did not stop completely.

Just recently she had a dream that her and this paranormal activity YouTuber went to this extremely haunted location. When they got there, there was a girl. A demonic girl- just like the girl from her brother's room. The girl was sitting Indian style/ criss cross applesauce (whichever you prefer) with her hands between her legs with her dark hair draped over her face. Out of the shadows around them, chanting started. It became more and more present. Soon, dark figures started emerging from the shadows, surrounding them while chanting. Leo and the youtuber ran out of the place.

When she told me this story, chills ran down my spine. When she woke up the next morning, the blanket she put over the mirror was on the floor.

Thanks for reading this story! I'll be submitting more stories. Love you guys!!!

 "Never let reality dissipate, but never be scared to embrace the unknown."


(Scarier Than Election Night Episode)

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