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Witch Craft

Okay so I’ve been messing around with witchcraft.I’m Mexican, so my family is very weird about that kind of thing because my abuela used to practice it.

Spontaneously, another friend and I played the ouija board. We got a couple good responses.The board claimed to be my dead uncle and my friend’s dead grandpa. It answered questions we would not know about each other. Since playing it, weird things have been happening to me.

There is a huge cemetery by my house. When I drive by that area and only in that area, when I look into my rear view mirror, I see someone in my backseat and I always swerve. When I check.. nothing.

The other day, I was writing at my desk.When I got up to take my sister to work; my laptop, notebook, bag, and lamp all were pushed off my desk. About 15 minutes ago, I was trying to astral project because i saw it on tiktok. Edi follows me on tik tok btw so i’m better than everyone here .

As i felt myself leaving my body, I could hear footsteps approaching my body. I’m not sure if all of this is connected but since I messed with the board some bad things have been happening to me.I messed my car up, cracked my phone, and broke my hello kitty tray. After i cleansed my room things are getting better and the air feels less tense.

any suggestions on how to clear negative energy?


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