I've been seeing a middle age woman for about 3 years now. She is dressed in colonial clothing and look like a slave house maid. She never does or says anything She sits, rocks back and forth then fades. Next thing is lol

I might be crazy but I can hear people talking and it just be me.

Around 4 nights ago, I was outside, me and my pup. I was whistling a song. After a few seconds, I heard the song whistled back which I didn't really pay no mind til it felt like it was right in my ear. I turned and said “what the hell are you serious?”

Last thing: I've also been seeing a man red eyes dressed in Roman gladiator gear but with beautiful black wings. He does nothing either but he only appears when I'm in danger. One time it happened, a metal beam fell off this roof 2 mins after I passed underneath it.


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