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When Things Get Lost

Hey Nick, Edi, my fellow uglies, and of course Rigby. Listening to your podcast last night made me remember a good story that I want to share.

So this was almost 10 years ago… I was in my early 20's, living in a small 1 bedroom apartment with my then boyfriend. It was a cozy place. We never really got weird vibes from the place. The atmosphere was actually quite comfortable.

But sometimes random objects would be moved around…

Sometimes we'd be looking for the littlest thing for weeks or months. Like salt and pepper shakers… Kept finding them in weird places like the freezer, the oven, or the medicine cabinet.

It was just the two of us living there. We couldn't figure out how this was happening.

I have a place for everything, and everything in it’s place, to make life easy. Who doesn't have a key holder of some kind right at the main doorway? Routine right. Get in the door, hang your keys. So it would be strange when the next morning I would spend 30 minutes looking for them. And I would find them in places that I would have to go out of my way to put them there. Random bathroom drawer, bedroom closet top shelve. I'm 4'11, that's a reach for me lol.

A few years goes by of this. I split up with the boyfriend. We went our separate ways, and moved out of that apartment. Of course, while packing I would find things I had lost throughout the years, stuffed in random places. So I get a new place with a roommate.

First week in the new apartment, it starts happening again. Well... this is where it gets good.

It's late one night… I'm sleeping like a log. The roomie is watching tv in the living room. The next morning he told me something that surprised me. According to him, I walked out of my room, hairdryer in hand, passed him and headed towards the kitchen. So he's thinking like what the... And tries calling my name with no response. He watches me just walk into the kitchen and put my hairdryer in the oven. LOL! Turns out I'm a really bad sleepwalker when I'm stressed out.

My life situation has changed drastically since then. I haven't slept walked in like 5 years, although I still talk in my sleep. Not just mumbles like most people either. My husband has had conversations with me thinking I was awake… Yet I'll have no recollection of said conversation lol. So what I thought was a prankster ghost, turned out to just be myself.

I hope you guys enjoyed my story. Thank you for the awesome podcast, keep it up. 1 million ⭐⭐⭐

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