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What It Wants

Here's a scaryish story.

As a kid I always felt I was being watched when we (my parents, little brother and i) moved into the new condo they had bought. I was 4 years old when we moved in. My parents had put a bunk bed in my room, Butters (my brother) would sleep on the top bunk and obviously I was at the bottom. I remember one night, my body told me I had to wake that there was someone or something watching me.

As I woke up I saw a dark figure standing in the door way. It was as tall as the door way, with a large top hat. I couldn't move.

The only thing I could make out other than the shape, was a hand. Motioning with the pointer figure for me to go towards it.

After that everything went black.

The next day, I asked my mom who was that man who was watching me last night. She turned white and told me it was just my imagination. After that shit got weird.

From my bed I would see small figures running around my room at night. And when they noticed I was looking at them, they would get close to my face and stare at me. I would close my eyes and act like I was asleep but they knew I was awake. I would fall asleep from the fear. I didn't like being in my room by myself.

One day while we played hide and seek. I went under my bed. Worst decision.

In my ear, I hear Butter's voice calling for me to help him. Butters was outside in yard with the neighbors. Whatever it was, it touched my hair and grabbed my leg. I have no idea what it is but I know it's been following me for years. It wants be allowed back into my life.

It followed me especially close when I was pregnant.


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