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What Is This?

I need your help with something. This has been going on for a while and I thought that you guys could help.

The Beginning

My family and I have been experiencing very weird things. In our old house, we thought that we were all safe. We just moved to Texas. We came here for my stepfather.

The first few months were normal but then things got weird. My older sister started to act weird. She said that there was a boy in her room. She told us that late at night she could see him through her mirror. When she tried to sleep he would come to her in her dreams. She never said what he would do.Just that it was scary.

At first we thought that she was just messing with us like she always does. But she started having break downs and would cry for days. That didn't scare us. What scared us was that the room she was in was the hottest room when we moved in and mine was the coldest. But when he started to show up, her room was freezing and nothing made it hot.

We moved out of there but now is where I need you help.

The Girl My sister is a very brave person she very rarely cries except for when she met Ralf, aka the first demon thing. When we got to our new house, the one we are in right now, it didn't stop. My sister is complaining about a girl she sees at night. I always assumed that she was just being mean and trying to scare me. She told us about a dream where I told her that I was going to kill her. But I would never say that.

One thing that you need to know is that my sister is very aggressive. She beats me and calls me names. When she said that this was happening to her, I thought hey she is getting what she deserves.

One day I woke up to someone screaming. I realized that it was my sister. I went to see what was wrong with her. She had three huge claw mark's on her chest and she kept saying that the girl did it. This is where I got scared.

The claw mark's were huge and wide with long points. It kind of looked like someone took their hand and burned it onto her.

She didn't speak about the girl anymore.She acted like it wasn't there. But I have been noticing this white and black figure around me a lot lately.

Every time I turn to see what it is, I see something move and then I don't see it for awhile after. But at night is when it shows itself.

I have a huge fan in my room that is normally quiet. I like quiet. I also have a lamp. These are very important.

At night, my room gets really cold for no reason. I don't know why since it didn't use to do this. My lamp flicks on and off before it gets cold. My fan starts to get really loud then sometimes it will get quiet. Other times, it will just turn off. My phone will turn on and off when there's no notifications. There's a lot more but for some reason she doesn't hurt me.

I asked my sister earlier why she stopped talking about the girl. She said the girl stopped coming to her after she put protective symbols in her room. She asked why I asked. I told her about all the weird things. She said that she could put the symbols in my room to but I told her that it hasn't hurt me. I wonder if the girl knows about me.

The weird part Before I started to see her, I had a surgery for my tonsils to be removed. My mom told me that it was going to be quick and it would help me because I don't breathe at night. The surgery went perfect. But not what happened after.

My mom said that I stopped breathing for about a minute and a Rapid Response Team was called for me. My mom said that during that time, I would wake myself up with a sharp breath, try to stay awake but would fail and stop breathing again. But I don't remember that.

All I remember is one moment I was awake in the hospital and the next I was somewhere else. I remember waking up to someone patting my head then breathing in a sharp breath and seeing my mom crying in the background of all the doctors. After that, I felt very weird like I was being watched.

The After When we went home, I had to take meds every three hours. Everyone who has the surgery has to. I am a very heavy sleeper so my mom would wake me up. There were times where my mom would be sleeping and I would hear her tell me to wake up and that it was time for meds. We kept the meds in her room so she could watch me take them.

As I went to her room, I heard her snoring, which was weird because I heard her tell me to wake up. Every time that someone in my family would make fun of me because I would cry from the pain, the next day something bad would happen to them. For example my brother called me a baby and said that I was just faking for attention. The next day, he had a staple in his foot and he kept hitting his toe on things.

At first, I thought that he was just being dumb but then I realized that we don't have any staples because of my baby brother. There isn't a stapler in the house, much less any staples. I don't know if this thing is protecting me because I'm a sick kid or if this is the woman who was patting my head for the few moments that I wasn't in the hospital. But I need to know because if this is protecting me then what is it protecting me from?

I just want some answers.


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