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What Happened to Helen?

Hi everyone, just dropping by with a couple stories that you may find interesting:

My mother was a single parent. She needed help while she went to work. So when I was young, I would either stay with my grandmother or great grandmother while my mom was working.

Usually I’d be with my Gram (Great grandmother) during the day. She was the type of person who took care of others. Sometimes she’d help at the nursing home. She would bring me with her on all of her visits.

I remember sitting with some of the older people and singing “My Little Sunshine” to them all. My Gram also took care of her friends who were elderly and lived at home. The woman’s name was Helen and for the life of me I can’t remember the husband’s name but anyway, we’ll call him Ed. Mind you I was around 4-5 years old at the time. I can’t really remember but I was definitely a toddler.

Fast forward to when I’m around 9 years old. I was sitting in the living room with my Gram watching the Montell show. Today’s episode had a psychic medium on doing readings of some of the audience. I was so intrigued by this. It may have been the first time I ever heard about something like this. I made a comment to my Gram about how accurate the medium was on the show. My Gram looks at me and says, “Well don’t you remember seeing things or telling me things?”

I remember so vividly how my stomach felt when she said that. Wide-eyed I replied, “what, no, what are you talking about?” She proceeds to explain to me that we would always go to help Helen and Ed.

One day I was in the room with Helen, just talking with her. Suddenly I came out to the kitchen to where my Gram was. She said that she could tell by the look on my face that something was wrong. That’s when I said to my Gram “I can’t be in there with Helen, I can’t go back in there.” Again, at this time I was a toddler so she thought nothing of it and just said “Ok go talk to Ed instead.” Gram proceeds to tell me that we left the house and carried on with our day. But the next morning, she got a call that Helen had passed away THAT NIGHT.

Mind you- I don’t remember ANY of this story to this day. This was all told to me by my Gram at now 9 years old. At this point I’m scared of myself…“How in the world would I know something was wrong with Helen and why don’t I remember.”

This wasn’t the only moment I had.

Gram told me that I also pointed out my Great- Grandfather out of a bunch of other men in a picture. At this time I was very young… Probably a toddler here as well. My great- grandfather died when my mother was still a teenager so I never met him. I only saw one or two pictures of him at an older age. This picture was of him in his 20’s. She said my mom, Nunna and herself were continuously asking me who I was pointing to and I kept replying with “Grandpa.” Not only did I pick him out of a picture of random other guys but I used to point at Gram’s attic and bedroom window saying “Look! There’s Grandpa!”

Once she finished telling me of all of these things I would say and do when I was young, I was creeped out to the max.

Little did I know, that this was only the beginning for me…


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