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Wake Up

Last week, I had another sleep paralysis dream. I woke up before my alarm and turned it off.

I always lay in bed and seem to go in and out of sleep for a little while. The last time, I put my covers over my head since the air was cold. I kept going in and out of dreams too, but the last one I had felt so real.

My bed sheet was over my head. Out of nowhere, it felt like something was holding the sides of it down and the most terrifying thing happened. I could see a face of some sort pushing itself against my bed sheet while breathing heavily and growling trying to get to me. I was telling myself over and over again to “Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!”. My arm was also holding the top edge of the bed sheet, but in real life it wasn’t.

It took what felt like forever, but I finally woke myself out of it. It all happened so fast, and I wonder if my normal breathing underneath the covers was what made it seem like something was doing that, but it all felt so real.

Thanks for reading my story, and as always, love the podcast!


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