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Union Hill Road

This story takes place in a small town about an hour west of Fort Worth,Texas.

It was my sophomore year of high school early October 2008.

A few of my friends and myself decided we would get together with our girlfriends that weekend to tell scary stories around the fire pit at my friend’s house.

What we didn’t expect was that one of our friends decided to bring a ouija board.

Some of us were hesitant about playing with it but we did anyway being young and dumb.

We start by asking questions such as “if anyone was here with us?”

We got a response saying Yes

We said “if you are here, prove to us that you are.”

Nothing happened.

So we took it as a joke and all laughed.

All of a sudden the front door slammed wide open

We ran to see what it was.

No one was there.

We freaked the hell out and left the house in a hurry.

Come Monday, we are back at school.

We tell some friends at our lunch table about what happened.

They suggested that if we really wanted to talk to ghost/spirits, we should go to union hill road because supposedly it’s haunted.

We decided that weekend we would go.

Like I said, young and dumb.

Little back story on Union Hill Road: it used to be a meeting spot for the KKK.

It’s said that they would lynch people out there.

The weekend comes and we decided to head to Union Hill Road right before sunset.

I’m driving.

I turn on the road and drive about 100 yards.

The A/C in my truck shuts off

My friends tell me to stop playing because the windows began fogging up.

I tell them I didn’t do it.

I’m turn the dial on my a/c to show it won’t turn on to prove it.

We all freaked out but decided to keep going.

By this time it’s getting dark.

We drive down to the cemetery.

Nothing happens.

We decided to turn around and stop at the bridge and play with the ouija board there.

We ask “is there anyone here?”

The board said yes.

We ask “what their name is?”

“Mary Smith”

We asked if she died in this area.


We asked “how did you die?”


At this point, we were done.

We leave not believing what just happened.

That Monday in English Class our teacher says since Friday is Halloween, we can share scary stories or scary personal experiences.

My friends and I decide we would tell our story.

Friday comes around.

Our teacher starts off by sharing her personal scary story.

She tells us a story of when she was in high school, she had a friend that lived on Union Hill Road.

Her friend had gotten pregnant.

Her friend’s parents were very religious and said that they would be making her give up her baby for adoption.

The story went that she ran away instead of letting the parents take the baby away.

When she started going into labor and ran down union hill road and hung herself on the bridge.

Then we go onto tell our story.

When we say the name Mary Smith, our teacher starts freaking out crying.

That was her friend’s name from high school.

So we had spoken to our teacher’s dead friend without knowing it and now we understood why she said hang.


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